Wireless devices and applications

Some of these tasks include connection to the internet, lower phone bills via internet calls, finding location in a new city, etc. Radack enumerates some of the major benefits of wireless devices when she states, Many organizations and users have found that wireless communications and devices are convenient, flexible, and easy to use. Users of wireless local area network WLAN devices have flexibility to move their laptop computers from one place to another within their offices while maintaining connectivity with the network.

Wireless devices and applications

Introduction Recently, interest in wireless systems for medical applications has been rapidly increasing. With a number of advantages over wired alternatives, including: Portable devices such as heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, spirometers and blood pressure monitors are essential instruments in intensive care.

Traditionally, the sensors for these instruments are attached to the patient by wires; and the patient sequentially becomes bed-bound. In addition, whenever patient needs to be moved, all monitoring device has to be disconnected and then reconnected later. Nowadays, all of these time-consuming jobs could be terminated and patients could be liberated from instrumentation and bed by wireless technology.

Continuous and pervasive medical monitoring is now available with the present of wireless healthcare systems and telemedicine services. In emergency situations, real-time health parameter is crucial.

Medical emergencies can be detected sooner and proper treatment can be applied timely. Health care effectiveness in several situations is improved significantly with the present of wireless communication technologies.

With the assistant of hand held devices in which wireless network integrated, the amount of time the doctors need to identify the problem, trace back the medication history of the patient and consult fellow doctors will be reduced significantly. Moreover, databases of patients that can be built up by continuous medical monitoring will be accessed and updated easily.

As a result, the amount of paper works required and the duplication of patient record will be dropped down. With all of these potentials, wireless systems for medical application are now not only focused by healthcare provider and the government but also by researches and industry.

Significant academic and corporate resources are being directed towards researching and development of novel wireless healthcare systems.

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Several innovative applications based on this technology are developed or being developed in research. In this paper, we will discuss several of these projects, highlighting their architectures and implementation.

This paper is organized as follows: We will briefly discuss the base wireless technologies which current applications are using.

Wireless devices and applications

We will discuss benefit of wireless healthcare system in detail. After a brief discussion of standards being used applications and location of wireless network in a healthcare system, we will identify projects and research groups on wireless medical application, and commercial products.

The base technologies of medical applications The rapid growth of the technologies extends the potential for exploitation of wireless medical application market.

Nowadays, thanks to the large-scale wireless network and mobile computing solutions, such as cellular 3G and beyond, WiFi mesh and WiMAX, caregivers can access into vital information anywhere and at any time within the healthcare networks.

Wireless devices and applications

The present of pervasive computing, consisting of RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee and wireless sensor network gives innovative medium for data transmission for medical applications. In this section of the paper, we will highlight current uses of various wireless communications in healthcare domain.

The standard is the incorporation of several advanced radio transmission technologies such as adaptive modulation and coding AMCadaptive forward error correction FECwell defined quality of service QoS framework and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ODFM. With advantages in mobility, transmission speed, QoS and security, WiMAX technology is an excellent choice for telemedicine service providers in both fixed and mobile environments [ Niyato07 ].

Transmission delay for high quality images such as ultrasound and radiology images can be reduced significantly with high-bandwidth transmission.

Many monitoring and diagnostic processes can be executed simultaneously with the present of large network capability.W-GATE is the wireless fire system gateway that acts as a bridge between the fire alarm control panel (FACP) and wireless fire devices.

The wireless gateway uses mesh technology to communicate with the devices and offers high reliability for commercial applications. Use the most proven technology that is right for your applications. All Emerson wireless devices, gateways, access points and software use wireless communication standards and have gone through rigorous coexistence testing to insure seamless integration.

The flexible, scalable wireless infrastructure integrates to existing host systems and. Wireless Is The Most Used Technology For Medical Facilities And The Advantages Of Wireless Medical Devices Words | 5 Pages.

current world most of the applications in any field are designed mostly based on the latest technologies.

Wireless/Mobile Devices, Applications, and Services: Solutions and Market Opportunities is the most comprehensive research package available in the market focusing on wireless/mobile devices and. 3. Potentials and challenges of wireless medical applications. With the advancement of wireless technology, wireless devices can be used to reduce medical errors, increase medical care quality, improve the efficiency of caregivers, lessen the caregiver .

Wireless/Mobile Devices, Applications, and Services: Solutions and Market Opportunities is the most comprehensive research package available in the market focusing on wireless/mobile devices and.

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