Research on herman hollerith

Appendix Introduction Each year sinceFortune Magazine has published a list of the largest American companies by revenue, among U.

Research on herman hollerith

Personal life[ edit ] Herman Hollerith was born the son of German immigrant Prof. D based on his development of the tabulating system.

He died in Washington D. Unit record equipment At the urging of John Shaw BillingsHollerith developed a mechanism using electrical connections to increment a counter, recording information.

Research on herman hollerith

For example, if a specific hole location indicates marital status, then a hole there can indicate married while not having a hole indicates single. Hollerith determined that data in specified locations on a card, the now-familiar rows and columns, could be counted or sorted electromechanically.

A description of this system, An Electric Tabulating Systemwas submitted by Hollerith to Columbia University as his doctoral thesis, and is reprinted in Randell's book.

Patent , [9] claim 2 of which reads: Photo dated December 31, of census worker with Hollerith pantograph punch.

The keyboard layout is for the US Census population card. The "sorting box" was an adjunct to, and controlled by, the tabulator. The "sorter", an independent machine, was a later development. Patentwas granted on January 8, The net effect of the many changes from the census: The Tabulator was hardwired to operate on Census cards.

A control panel in his Type I Tabulator simplified rewiring for different jobs. The s removable control panel supported prewiring and near instant job changing.Foundation of Cray Research Inc by Seymour Cray: Space Craft Pioneer 10 & 11 use Custom CPU in TTL: First e-mail program developed.

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IBM's Information Records Division (IRD) was formed in out of IBM's Supplies Division which was responsible for providing punched cards, magnetic tapes, ribbons, microfilms, paper forms, and other supplies for use with IBM's data processing machines.

This promotional plastic keychain from IBM is a miniature version of their famous computer punched card. Herman Hollerith’s first tabulating machines opened the world’s eyes to the very idea of data processing.

Along the way, the machines also laid the foundation for IBM.

Research on herman hollerith

In , as new arrivals flooded into the United States and the population exploded, the US census turned into an administrative. Herman Hollerith (February 29, – November 17, ) was an American inventor who developed an electromechanical punched card tabulator to assist in summarizing information and, later, ardatayazilim.comion: City College of New York (), Columbia University School of Mines ().

An easy-to-understand history of computers, from the abacus to the Internet and iPhone. The Hollerith Family Slide Collection contains 35mm slides documenting the horticultural interests and travels of sisters Lucia, Nannie and Virginia Hollerith, dating from to Lucia, Nannie (Nan) and Virginia Hollerith, were the three daughters of inventor Herman Hollerith, and Lucia.

IBM - The Punched Card Tabulator